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Business travelers searching for residential feel

Atlanta Business Chronicle - February 8, 2008
by Deborah Held Maslia and Joe Morris Contributing writers


Choosing the right hotel is not just a matter of comfy mattresses and good cable channels.

Today's business travelers are seeking practical hotel amenities that will make their stay highly productive without sacrificing comfort.

Armed with flexibility and a travel plan, today's business traveler can benefit his company while still having fun on the road, said Paul Breslin, managing partner for Atlanta's Panther Hospitality Holdings LLC.

Hotel travel should be a "win/win" situation for both the business owner and the employee, he said.

Breslin suggests the business owner put pen to paper to create a "clear travel policy," complete with acceptable hotel room rates, tips for saving money and obtaining free upgrades, and even recommending appropriate gratuities for hotel employees.

"It's about being a sophisticated traveler" and "starting off on the right foot," said Breslin.

The business owner's strategy, said Breslin: "Save money while keeping good will among employees and keeping productivity high."

Don't be afraid to ask for an upgrade when checking into the hotel, said Breslin. Since the business traveler tends to arrive late in the day, an upgrade may be provided at little to no expense, agreed Inman.

Talk to the front desk about extending the checkout time as well, advised Breslin, thereby providing a longer and more productive workday with no added cost.