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How To Develop A Hotel

How To Develop A HotelStarting at ground level of any hotel project, and the question of just how to develop a hotel can seem overwhelming.

However, recognize that you must be able to define just what a hotel is, even if it's within a certain type of hotel niche.

Your hotel project may not involve the cookie-cutter design or experience found in mass market behemoths. In fact, your definition of a hotel, and how to develop a hotel, might start with a completely different concept all together. Let's take an example from the boutique hotel market.

A boutique to many, might be no larger than 150 or 200 rooms. It can target a certain market and display distinct characteristics of that market for its customers. When a customer enters a smaller, boutique hotel, he sees other customers who look like him and has common values.

This concept is in stark contrast to the larger chain hotel brands. They are in fact, unique and different all around. The look is different, the feel too. Even the level of personal service delivered is designed to be above and beyond.

Considering how to develop a hotel strategy in either market stands quite on its own in comparison with the other. Boutique hotels came along in the the early eighties for the most part.

Think of The Morgans Hotel in New York, or the Blakes in London. When most customers are asked about what they love in a boutique hotel, it's almost always that certain connection they have as guests with the hotel staff.

The level of service, personalized just for them, simply isn't found in the larger hotels today.

So, as an example, we could say that the 'how to develop a hotel' plan, especially with the boutique plan starts with both location AND destination. Why is destination so important?

You need to look at cities that can attract more than one market segment. For instance, the traditional leisure traveler is going to be different than the business traveler. You'll also need to consider the potential customers from local events and conventions.

Ideally, you simply need to look around you when considering a location for a hotel. What businesses are going to be able to send customers?

Your hotel really needs to be centrally located to other things that a particular destination might offer.....things that can drive customers to your hotel. These of course, are the very basics.

To truly answer the question of 'how to develop a hotel', you will likely need an experienced partner to identify the type of hotel, the size, the ideal market, location, start-up costs, etc.

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